In this episode, Quin is talking about Amazon Sponsored Products with the variant of Product Targeting.

This is when you have the ability to target your competitor products!

This is not a new feature available to Amazon sellers, it has been around for a long time inside Vendor Express and the Amazon Marketing System (AMS)
Quin also used to use this inside the Amazon author central for his kindle books.
What is new about this feature is the fact that it is available inside Amazon Seller Central now, since late 2018

What can you do with Amazon product targeting advertising?

Just like the name says, you can create ad campaigns that will target competitor product pages instead or targeting keywords or search terms.

How to create a product targeting Ad campaign

  • Go into you campaign manager and click the orange button that says “create Campaign”
  • Sellect Sponsored Products
  • Enter your budget
  • Pick if you want Up and Down bidding (Not recommended as of now)
  • Choose Manual Targeting
  • Select Product Targeting
  • Pick your product (the one you want to advertise)
  • Enter your competitor’s ASINs or serch for the ones you want to target
  • Let it run for at least 3 days and keep monitoring
  • Let me know if it worked

Please listen to the episode to find out a couple tips Quin recommended to make it more profitable

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast