He is from England but lives in China for the last 6 years.
FBA4U – The ultimate amazon seller Hub

Listen to the podcast to learn how Chris has been sourcing products for over 20 years and how he moved to China for work, where he know runs his Amazon business.

Listen to the end to hear some great tips

  • Who is Chris Davey
  • Why are you in China?
  • Why do I need a VPM before going to China?
  • What do you do with FBA4U
  • How long have you been selling on Amazon
  • What Amazon markets do you sell in?
  • Do you walk in factories to source products
  • What advantages does it have to be in China when it comes to choosing products or suppliers?

Find Chris at FBA4U.com

Chris’s event is now being sponsored by Amazing.com and Global Sourcing

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast