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Raitis Purins Head of Marketing at Printful

Raitis is the Head of Marketing at Printful, one of the market’s leading print-on-demand/ drop-shipping business with more than 800 employees

The company has fulfilled more than 16 million items since its founding in 2013.

Raitis joined the team 3 years ago and has since then led the winning marketing strategy and execution and scaled the marketing team from 5 to 50 people.

He is responsible for content marketing, SEO, PPC, CRO, PR, and affiliate marketing.

Questions for Raitis about Printful

  • First of all congratulations, I know you just became a dad
  • What is a print-on-demand business model and why is it growing globally?
  •  Besides Shopify can I connect Printful to other platforms like Etsy or Amazon
  •  After I get an order the process is automated?
  •  What 3 tips would you give to anyone starting an eCommerce store from scratch?
  • Is there a way for listeners to use print-on-demand to increase their brand recognition?
  • How important is SEO for a new eCommerce company?
  • Does Printful do FIFO first in first out, or can some clients gain priority?
  • What is the lowest hanging fruit for SEO for people starting out
  • What are printful’s fulfillment warehouse services

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