The Founder of AMZ One Step – Saddam Hasan

Having managed a portfolio of $200M+ per year  with a background in Financial Planning & Analysis, Saddam started selling on Amazon due to his passion for data analytics.
He is very active in the FBA community organizing meetups across Canada.

The Founder of AMZ One Step – the leading Amazon Listing Optimization Agency in Canada with 30+ Employees.

Questions for Saddam Hasan

  • How did you get started with Amazon, were you a seller first?
  • How have the dynamics for creating a brand on Amazon changed over the last year?
  • How should sellers do proper research on their products?
  • Is it important to be Brand Registered on Amazon?
  • What’s the best way to approach your listing images?
  • Is there a recommended pattern for the Title? (do you use the brand name if they are not known)
  • Are there any best practices for A+ Content?
  • What can sellers do to stand out in the search pages?
  • Do you suggest split testing on images & content? What is the best way to measure success?
  • Are there ways to improve indexing of keywords for your listing?
  • How beneficial is it to get a storefront designed?
  • What about videos? Are they important for all types of products?

Links to Saddam Hasan

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