Hey Quin, I started listening to the podcast only 5 months ago, but almost caught up to the latest episodes.

I am starting my Amazon FBA business by doing retail arbitrage, and I recently found a place that has pots and pans always at 70% off. Do you think I should start with those or should I start with something smaller?

Thank you for the question, Albert.

Cookware is not one of my favourite things to sell, and besides that all cookware companies always have a minimum discount of 70% off.

Check it out at Walmart, Canadian Tire, Target or any other big store, you will see that they are always at a minuimum discont of 70%.

I think a long time ago, a manufacturer created a 70% off for pots and pans, and after that nobody could go back to the regular price, so now everyone adds 70% extra and then just gets removed at checkout.

70 is the new zero!

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast