Retargeting on Facebook Ads

What is retargeting and who should you be retargeting when advertising online?

A question from Dustin.

I run a business called Papa syrup and I’ve been advertising on Fb with some success but never did a retargeting ad.

Who should I be targeting when I do a retargeting ad?


First I will start with an explanation of what is retargeting.

Retargeting is, for the lack of a better word, when you are being targeted by a particular advertiser.

Ever looked at a certain product, and the next day it shows up everytime you open Facebook?

What I mean by this is that sometimes you meet a certain criteria that makes you a good fit for a certain ad.

For example, if you visited a page selling a particular set of green running shows if you spent more than x amount of time on that page

If you added them to the cart but didn’t check out… all of these are very good reasons for someone to retarget you.

FB Retargeting



Now if you are the advertiser, why would you want to be retargeting someone?

Number 1 reason I would retarget someone is if they are already a customer.

For existing customers, since they are already a warmer audience I would make a more direct ad (as direct as TOS allows)

For example, I could create an add letting them know (or reminding them) that they could save 15% if they subscribe to a monthly auto order of Syrup.

This example, of course only works for replenishable items, like food, spices, toilet paper, etc


Other reasons would be because they added the item to cart. This shows that they had some intentions to buy or at least were interested in it until they saw the shipping cost.

Another reason to be retargeting someone is if they spend a long time on your website! This also tells me 2 things. Either they liked the content so much they had to read everything and check out every image, or they landed on the website and got distracted by something else in real life, lol

All these actions can be measured using the Facebook Pixel. If you don’t know what a pixel is, you can listen to Episode #72 where I explain what a FB pixel is and what it can do.


Now, why would you want to retarget anyone?

Retargeting traffic is one of the highest converting traffic you can receive on your pages.

The main reason they convert better is that you or your company are no longer strangers to them.

They have interacted with you at least once, and now they are starting to get into the KLT (Know Love and Trust)

When someone knows, loves and trusts you or your brand they will buy.

Unfortunately, there are unlimited places online where people can go to get ripped off, so trust is getting harder to earn.





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast