Social Media Marketing Agency and Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing

Welcome everyone to a new year.

2018 is here and many big things await us.

Today I want to talk a bit about the huge amount of Social Media Marketing Agencies,

Digital Marketing Agencies, and Facebook Ad Agencies.


First, we start by explaining what Social Media Marketing is.

In a nutshell, it’s advertising without having to pay.

Its when you use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to engage with an audience and by giving them some valuable content, you may turn some into customers.

Don’t confuse this with Social Media Management

SMM is when a company, freelancer or even a friend is “managing” someone else’s social media accounts.

By postings, commenting, replying to messages and comments, basically engaging with someone else’s audience as if it was them.


Now Facebook Advertising Agencies

This does not require a big explanation as the name already says it all.

Its when you own a business and you hire someone with more experience to create the Facebook advertising campaigns for you.

Now, this is a great service to buy, if you get someone that really knows what they are doing.

Some business owners, or eCommerce store owners (notice how I made a distinction between them because a lot of eCommerce store owners don’t have businesses.

But, some people decide to take on advertising on their own, without knowing much about it

and soon enough their dreams of becoming an online all-star, end up burned with a bunch of wasted advertising clicks.

and remember that not every FB ads guru, is really a guru.

There is a saying that I live by and really love: You don’t know what you don’t know!

Not to long ago, one of the FB ads guru was telling me how he wished he could have a couple more pixels!

and when I told him that FB allows us to have 10 per account he didn’t know what to say.

This guru didn’t know about the existence of FB business.

Actually, a very common surprise is when I tell them for example: ” why don’t you have the pixel installed on page x?”

And they have no idea how I know!

For those that are listening and don’t know, FB gives advertisers a free Chrome extension called pixel helper, and it shows us the pixels installed in every single website in the word.

So, if you are someone that wants to hire an advertiser, do it!

But do it right, ask them many questions, google some questions to ask.

A good advertiser can save you lots of money, by targeting and retargeting the perfect audience at the best time and in the best location.

And by the way, after hiring and FB ads expert, ask him to add you to his FB business account has an advertiser, so you can have a look at the results and share your own pixel data.

Pixel data costs lots of money to get, so if it’s your money training this pixel, you might as well save this data.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

Actually, I just thought of something I was told recently by a friend.

He said: when you podcats make sure to always explain things as if you are talking to someone that doesn’t know anything.

And the logic whats that some people know some things, others know other things and some may not know what you are talking about.

So, with that said, before I go, I will explain what a pixel is;

A FB pixel is a code, given to advertisers, by FB, from inside our Business manager accounts, or FB ads account for those that don’t use FB business.

And this code is meant to be placed in every single page of your websites, to track what pages people visited, how long they visited the page for, if they added to cart, if they bought something, if they opted into your email list, etc.

So that is it for today


Thank you






Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast