Robin Dreeke was the head of Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI

A 28-year veteran of US federal service, including the United States Naval Academy, United States Marine Corps, and 21+ years of working counterintelligence secret agent as well as a former head of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI

Robin received advanced training and experience in the area of social psychology and the practical application of the science behind relationship development and trust, ultimately leading the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis Program

Robin Dreeke is also the founder of People Formula

Robin I was just starting to think my life was super exciting, and then I find out that while I was typing a few words on my keyboard you were out there convincing a Russian spy to switch sides

  • How does someone become a spy? Do you apply like a job?
  • Illegal Spies vs Legal Spies with diplomatic immunity (is there such thing as legal spies)
  • What benefits would you have from successfully recruiting a Russian spy? (your country)
  • Spies in the US are measured in the hundreds or thousands?
  • What can a spy working a normal 9 to 5 job and living what seems a normal life, what can they possibly gain?
  • Do the FBI and CIA share connections and information or internally are they like rivals?
  • Selling physical products or services can the same techniques be used
  • What are the things that will make another human trust you quicker
  • Is it possible to accurately read someone by their behaviors?
  • I always wanted to know How a special agent would feel when watching movies that make the FBI look like the bad guys?
Robin Dreeke
Robin Dreeke

Building trust – training

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The People Formula Training:

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