Andy Hooper CEO of Global ECommerce Experts has been successfully expanding e-commerce brands into new markets for over 15 years.

⦁ Before we start, tell me what is a Petty Officer of the sea cadets
⦁ Tell us about our journey
⦁ Expanding your brand into Europe
⦁ Has Brexit affected the expansion to Europe?
⦁ is it worth selling on Amazon Europe?
⦁ What is needed?
⦁ Does Amazon collect taxes automatically?
⦁ if I sell in Europe on Amazon and Shopify, do you recommend having Amazon fulfill my EU Shopify orders?
⦁ Having inventory in 3 or 4 places becomes expensive, where should we store it?
⦁ Is it cheaper to advertise in SOme European countries?
⦁ For a US or Canadian company shipping products into Europe, what do we need?
⦁ Do I require 1 VAT for all of Europe or does Germany require their own?

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