I had twin babies 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t slept yet. Can you give me tips on this?

Twin babies! That’s what Speedy Rabit just had

Today’s question is not about selling online, it’s not about marketing or even FB ads.

It’s about babies, and how do you sleep at night if you have twins.

The questions came from a user who forgot to give me his name, but his email is speedyrabit12@…

He asks:

 – Hey Bro, heard on the podcast you have twins.

We just had 2 boys, 3 weeks ago and I haven’t slept yet. Can you give me tricks on this?

well, speedy Rabit, I do have twins, a boy and a girl

But, since they are only 4 months old, I don’t have much experience with tricks and tips for the twins.

Actually, I need help myself since they are both terrible sleepers.

They are too young to try the water trick. The one where you give them just water during the night every time they wake up.

And they are also too young for a spanking, lol

I really don’t know!

Quin's Twin babies

Quin’s Twin babies

If anyone listening (or reading) is a parent and know some tips, please contact me at QA Selling Online.com and let me know what I can do.




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