Someone is probably trying to hack your WordPress Blog right now!

Your WordPress Blog Is Being Hacked Right Now

This is actually not even an exaggeration, test it out.

I recently installed a plugin that I wanted, so I could block a few IPs from spamming my comments.

But it turns out, this plugin also detects all the attempts to login to your admin

The admin login is by default at

This particular WordPress blog plugin will even record what password and username they attempted to use.

The WordPress plugin in question is called IP Blacklist and its free.

I get on average 124 login attempts per 24 hour period!

That is no joke, that is some serious hacking attempts.

Try it out and let me know how many you get.

Blacklisting Hackers

Blacklisting Hackers

The picture above is a screenshot of the attempts happening as I was typing!

Save yourselves!

Run to the hills…

Or, just make sure you have a super hard password.

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