A message from Emily who is looking for an internship in a marketing job preferably in a tech company.

How Should I Structure My Resume For A MArketing Job | Ep. #94

Hi Emily, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice product. You have some great questions! The great thing about marketing is that if an agency knows what they are doing they will grow super fast.

This means that any internship you get at a good agency will more than likely turn into a job (if you are motivated) Motivation and positive mindsets are more important than most skills.

To build the perfect resume, go online and find the job posting for the best marketing jobs out there, see what the requirements are and copy all the requirements you meet.

The ones you don’t meet, start working on them, as you still have time 🙂

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast