Brent Zahradnik

In the summer of 2015, he founded AMZ Pathfinder and started doing direct ad management for brands selling on amazon. Fast forward to 2020 and he has grown the business into an agency with 12 team members.

They still focus entirely on amazon advertising in all shapes and forms and focus on the American and European markets with native speakers of all languages on the team.

  • AMZ pathfinder Is the original name or have you changed it?
  • What are some common mistakes sellers make
  • What are some myths about sponsored Ads
  • Would it make sense to create several Ads targeting only 1 keyword each
  • when someone is targeting the same keyword on Broad, Phrase, and Exact, are we outbidding ourselves?
  • what 3rd party tools do you use?
  • When you started in 2015 the average PPC was about 30 cents, can you still get any impressions at the rate today?
  • We are spending about $70K month on Amazon ads right now
  • What are amazon businesses doing wrong with their on-platform advertising? (like common mistakes seen across accounts we audit for instance)
  • What should they be doing in 2020? 
  • What is the right mindset or way to think about amazon advertising fitting into the bigger picture?
  • Where is amazon taking advertising in 2020 and beyond?


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast