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Rose is currently in the product selection phase of her private label business, to sell on Amazon FBA and she is asking about subscribing to Paid Tools For Amazon FBA

“First, tons of thanks for your podcasts which I stumbled upon a couple
of months ago and which I’ve binged on like my life depended on it!
You have lots of useful info and to think that you are dishing it out
for free –thank you!!

Now to my question –
I’ve been researching on Amazon selling – FBA and have developed a
list of products that I am interested in. At this point, it is a
laundry list from which I’ll narrow on one to start with. (I took your
advice about starting with a single product and get my baptism by
fire, hopefully live to launch a second one)

Now to my question: should I at this point subscribe to a tool like
Jungle Scout to help me refine my list? I know there is a monthly cost
to it, but I’m thinking of it as a cost of doing business. If by
shelling 26$ a month at this point I have a better chance, I would be
willing to do that.

I would be glad to hear what your thoughts are re-employing these
tools early – before starting to sell, as opposed to later…

Thank you, Quin, for taking your time to answer. I greatly appreciate it.


Hello Rose,

Thank you so much for the kind words and for being a listener.

There are many Paid Tools For Amazon FBA, and lots do the exact same things.
As for Jungle Scout, it is an amazing tool, but everything it does can be done for free when you are starting out.

Tools For Amazon FBA

Tools For Amazon FBA

The extension used to find products can be replaced by the free Unicorn Smasher (

And the monthly tracking can easily be done manually when you are starting with just one product.
Obviously, the easy way is to use al the tools, but often when starting every dollar counts.

Tools For Amazon FBA

Another free tool you should add to your research is Keepa ( this will tell you the history of the product if it has been selling for a long time, and for how much.
That will help filter products that are not proven yet or the ones that are seasonal.

Both these free tools have a Chrome extension (if you are using a PC) Keeps will open below the products bullet points and before the description.(everytime you open Amazon)
Unicorn Smasher will open on top of your Amazon page, just like Jungle Scout would.

Several tools offer free trials, but you should wait until you have products being sold before trying.
Another thing to remember is that all free trials that ask for the credit card, will automatically start charging you when the trial is over.

My advice is if you are going to spend money starting up, do it in the pictures (people buy with their eyes)

One more thing Rose, double check all your expenses and fees before pulling the trigger on any product, make sure you know about Amazon’s pick and pack fee, storage fees, shipping costs, tax, PPC. Some products are so competitive, that nobody besides the top 3 players can squeeze a profit.

I hope this helps, Rose
Feel free to contact anytime

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