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I’d like advice for careers and knowledge within the digital marketing field. This would revolve around paid search advertising and analytics, with a potential pivot into consulting and marketing strategy. What steps do you think are necessary to “be successful” in this area? What new graduate programs at which companies would you recommend?

Hi Kreig, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice Hub.

It’s very cool that you mentioned paid search!

The world seems to have turned their back on paid search and everyone is using the exact same FB “hyper-targeting” techniques.
Now that everyone is using FB, there is a lot more room on Adwords and at a lower cost.
But not only Google, also the engine that everyone hates (Bing) has cheap search term costs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been managing FB Ad campaigns for over 5 years now and will continue to do so. But always remember that the best way to stand out is to get out of the crowd.

As for consulting, I think that the best way is to market yourself first.
Turn yourself into an authority using your marketing skills in social media. Often when you provide accurate support in a group, you will get people adding you and sending PMs 🙂
Tai Lopez is an expert at self Marketing

Graduate programs, personally I would pick a smaller company (but not tinny) because it’s easier to become a big fish in a smaller pond, and you have lots of time to turn yourself into an expert

Things I recommend: Youtube and Mentors, Just make sure to follow the right experts and stay away from Cat videos.
(Russell Bruson, Neil Patel, Tai Lopez, Simon Sinek, Frank Kearn, etc)

Looking forward to chatting soon.

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