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Monthly Archives: December 2018

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New Feature For Amazon FBA Sellers Product Editing #225

Q & A Selling Online Podcast

In today’s episode Quin explains a new feature for Amazon FBA sellers. well… it’s not really a new feature, it is just an update inside the Amazon Seller Central. When you go to edit or create a new product the page that you…

Do products on Amazon sell as well if they are not prime?

Amazon Prime

The simple answer is No. Most Prime buyers turn on the Prime filter, so when they do a search on Amazon, if an item isn’t prime, it won’t even show up on their search. If you are competing for the “buy Box” (this…

How to launch a podcast using a blog

Quin microphone

How to launch a podcast using a blog In this episode I explain step by step how I launch my podcast 5 days a week. If you need any help contact me and I will gladly help

How I Use A WordPress Site To Host My Podcast

WordPress podcast

How I Use A WordPress Site To Host My Podcast Yesterday I updated my WP blog t the newest version so it reminded me to mention it on the podcast. I will make an episode tomorrow explaining how I use WordPress to launch…

Should I Retail Arbitrage Pots and Pans at Huge Discounts #220


Hey Quin, I started listening to the podcast only 5 months ago, but almost caught up to the latest episodes. I am starting my Amazon FBA business by doing retail arbitrage, and I recently found a place that has pots and pans always…

Facebook Audience Life Time Value LTV #219

Facebook as a new feature for the advertisers It is a new section under custom audiences witch is custom audiences with LTV Life Time Value Make sure to listen

You’re Invited! Amazon FBA Seller Outlet Deals #218

discount 90%

Amazon FBA Seller Outlet Deals Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon, You’re invited to take part in Amazon’s Outlet Deals to drive sales of your overstocked inventory. This invitation-only opportunity can help you reduce your excess inventory without paying additional fees. If selected, your…