The simple answer is No.

Most Prime buyers turn on the Prime filter, so when they do a search on Amazon, if an item isn’t prime, it won’t even show up on their search.

If you are competing for the “buy Box” (this means more than one seller on the listing) Amazon will award the buy box to the prime item, if the prices are the same. This means if 2 sellers are selling the same item for the same price, and only one is prime, he/she will get the sale when the buyer pressed the “add to cart”

If an item is Fulfilled By Amazon, by default it will be Prime. But in some cases, if you live in the US you can do Seller fulfilled prime. To do so, you need to qualify and be able to deliver your products as quick as Amazon woud.

Amazon is amazing at providing us all with the instant gratification, that we seem to all love and be addicted too.

As a professional Amazon seller and a very big buyer, I will not sell anything that isn’t prime, and will not by items that are not prime. (If I can wait 20 to 60 days for the item, I might as well get it from eBay lol)

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Quin Amorim

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast