In today’s episode Quin explains a new feature for Amazon FBA sellers.

well… it’s not really a new feature, it is just an update inside the Amazon Seller Central.

When you go to edit or create a new product the page that you will see now, is a full page following the normal Amazon simple white look.

Beside the regular features you already had when cregating a new product in your Amazon seller central, you also have a couple new things.

These new things are:

  • the option to see the before and after when editing something
  • The option to see the locked itmes (the things that cannot be changed without talking to Amazon seller support
  • The look of the whole thing whith the menu on thop of the main page
  • And the pictures on the listing vs the pictures uploaded by you

To know more you should visit your Amazon Seller Central account and try to edit any of your existing FBA products


Ally, in behalf of Quin

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast