5 Organic Sales Before Order Was Unloaded at Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA generating organic sales!

Normally when you have a shipment arriving at Amazon FBA, they will email you as soon as the cargo enters the unloading docs.

They send you an email saying ” we started receiving your Amazon FBA items and will update you soon”

This normally can take a few hours to several weeks, during the busy selling season of the 4th quarter.

Well… my sea can had been delayed and finally arrived, but… Amazon didn’t email me!

I actually had sent an email to the freight forwarder last night before bed, asking for updates.

So, this morning when I woke up and looked at the phone I had an email from Amazon saying

” FBA full shipment received “

I was a bit stunned trying to figure out what shipment they had received but assumed it was one of the reoccurring Amazon FBA Canada shipments.



Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA



Next, I open the Amazon Seller app, and when I go throw the items sold I see something new!

Customers had been buying a product I didn’t know was live yet!

Not only it was selling, but it was selling organically, without any Pay Per Clic Advertising (PPC)

Without a single review and, over 2 times the sale price.

I had increased the selling price a lot due to Amazon losing lots of units every time now!

Rushed to my computer, where confirmed every single unit was received and 5 had been sold organically in a matter of hours.

Since then I turned on my Pay Per Click Campaign on automatic (discovery campaign) to find the search terms that people are using and gather as much info as I can.

The day isn’t over and I and currently looking at 28 sales without a single giveaway or a single email blast.

PPC cost so far is $8 and I have 10 clicks, so it doesn’t seem that the advertising is the one bringing these sales!

I am super excited about this product launch on Amazon FBA USA

I can’t wait to receive this same private label product at Amazon FBA Canada

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