From Cold Weather to Social Media Marketing Before it Was Called SMM

Social Media Marketing!

Yes, I was doing social media marketing back in 2010 and I never even thought about it until I got today’s question.

I started by letting everyone know how happy I was to have plus 10 weather.

When I say plus 10, I mean Celsius, not Fahrenheit, that is about 50 F

Having such a high temperature this time of the year is not normal in this part of the country.

For 10 years I worked in Fort McMurray, Alberta where the winter has an average temperature of -40.

Yes, minus 40.

Actually for those that don’t know, – 40 is the same temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit!

I remember being on an Oil site rigging in some water pumps with -56 degrees C, and it was very windy!

Wind is a real killer when it starts blowing at temperatures like -56.

Well, that was a very hard day of work, trying to work in 5-minute intervals and running back into the pickup trucks that were left running 24×7!

Fort mcmurray snow

Fort McMurray snow

Well, enough about the cold.

I still have time to read a question today.

The question comes from Erich:

I would like to start a free WordPress blog on the WordPress site (not my own domain) but I don’t like the themes they provide. Can I use a downloaded theme on there? I have seen some WordPress hosted blogs with different themes, so it looks like it’s possible

Back in the day, I used to run a blog like that…

Actually, I went and pulled up that blog and realized I had a few!

One, from 2005 about me and my friends doing crazy stuff and partying a lot.

Another from 2006 about Poker

And finally, a DJ blog promoting me, as a social media promoter for a website I used to own in 2010.

The website was called Idol Booster and the domain was

Wow, I just checked and the website was completely changed but it still offers the same services!

What I did back then, is now called Social Media Marketing, or Social Media Promotion.

I would rank bands on Myspace and through comments, mentions, and glittery landing pages, promote them to all audiences.

I remember one band named Until Dawn, that I was able to generate 19,000 new fans in 1 month on myspace. These days that is not unheard of, but back in 2010 to promote businesses or even products, we had myspace, Google and a few million people on Facebook

This brings back so many memories that I even forgot to reply to Erich.

Since I don’t really know the answer to that question Erich, I will get you to contact me again and we can pick a domain name for your blog, I’ll buiy it and host it on my server for free.

Let me know if you like that idea, and please get back to me


That is all for today

Please don’t forget to listen to episode 45, where I talk about Merch by Amazon.

That was some of my SMM Social Media MArketing experience back in 010, I may talk about some experiences I had back then, in a future episode.





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast