Alasdair McLean-Foreman founder and CEO of Teikametrics AI company optimizing 4% of Amazon’s total sales for over 6000 brands

Harvard graduate, that built his first million-dollar business from the dorm room the eCommerce sports brand HDO Sport, that became HDO Group.

Questions for Alasdair McLean-Foreman

  •  How did you get started with HDO?
  • When you merged HDO Sport with Clever, you grew sales from 1.5 M to $5 mil in less than 2 years, can you explain the strategy
  • Then we get to 2006 and you launch yet another fitness-related company “Traineo” can you talk about it?
  • 5 years ago you launched Teikametricks.
  • Why the name Teika Metrics?
  • What is the flywheel?
  • Can you give a quick overview of what a seller can get from Teikametrics?
  • Do you have or will have anything for Walmart sellers?
  • Bids are done by the hour?

Alasdair’s Links – Alasdair’s Linkedin – Teikametrics – Flywheel 2.0

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