Brent Zahradnik

Amazon Advertising expert and founder of AMZ Pathfinder
3rd time on the show. I think this is the record

  • Prime day was just a couple of weeks ago, how did it go?
  • Do you increate CPC on special event days, or simply increase the budget?
  • Sell through rate and inventory…
  • IPI for outside fulfillment in the UK
  • if you increase your CPC on a particular KW for 3 or 4 days, when you turn it back down will it negatively affect your impressions?
  • What are the latest changes in the PPC world
  • Negative products on auto campaigns was pretty big
  • saw somewhere that inside a campaigns search terms tab, there is an option to Add KW or negative Kw
  • talking about features, video editing
  • some people don’t negative a single KW, instead they lower the bid, what’s your stand on this?
  • AMZ pathfinder has DSP Demand-side platform ( not drives) how is that going
  • Saw a youtube video where this expert was talking about how to run DSP ads, but all he talked about was Amazon Display ads in seller central. so can you explain what is DSP?
  • How do you get access to it
  • What other sites do you have access to with DSP?

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast