Today’s guest, Like many people, used to be overworked in a J O B  where he managed 1 to 3 million dollars per month, and all he wanted was more free time to spend with family.

He is a influencer, a Savage marketer, Chief Growth Officer of and the founder of VA Staffer

Questions for Jeff J Hunter

  • Before we get into it, how do you get your FB posts to always be the top of other people’s feeds?
  • Jef I’ve seen you on TV, CBS, ABC, NBC News, you’ve even been on Russell Brunson’s podcast, how the heck to do that?
  • Does a business owner need a personal brand?
  • What is the fastest way for someone to build their “Personal Brand”?
  • Let’s talk about VA Staffer, you started this almost 8 years ago, tell me how this happened?
  • How to build a productive “remote team” to scale your business growth.
  • How to create the perfect “SOP” (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • How to apply what I call the “90-10 Rule” to Automate, Delegate and Delete the 90% of your tasks that are holding you back from the 10% that are your “zone of genius”
  • Is a remote workforce productive without being in an office?
  • Jeff, who do you follow online as the nonofficial mentors?

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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