I often see people asking if their co-worker, mother sister or their dog can buy their Private label product on Amazon FBA…

Of  course, they can buy your product on Amazon FBA

Everyone can, and should buy your product!

Someone mentioned on a Facebook group that anyone that is friends with you on Facebook is not allowed to buy your product!


So, you honestly think Amazon can see who my friends are, and even if they could, they would even go through the trouble of checking my friend’s lists and comparing reviews per IP or per friends name and address?

If you believe that would happen, you live in a world of paranoia!

Let everyone that you know buy you private label product or even your retail arbitrage products.

Actually, you should convince them to buy bigger quantities, lol

To be quite honest I share my products links with friends and family all the time. what I don’t do is ask them to give me a review.

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