Amazon FBA Fees, My Amazon FBA Fees Are Wrong | Ep. #107, QA Selling Online Podcast

Amazon FBA Fees

Age, is shipping his new product to Amazon FBA, but he noticed in his inventory that the Amazon FBA fees are over $18.

The product is the size of a book and only weighs 3.4 ounces.

The sale price is $21 and he believes the fees are too much.

Well Age, the fees are ridiculous.

This tells me that the problem may be an easy one to fix.

Amazon FBA has the wrong dimensions of your product’s package.

I say the product package because the product most times could be bigger than the package. If it requires assembly, if it’s inflatable or if it extends.

My recommendation is to check your packaging dimensions on the listing, and if it looks correct contact Amazon seller support to fix the problem.

I believe that as soon as your product arrives they may find the error and fix it on their own.

To contact support, open seller support and on the top right of the page, click help, then when the window opens scroll down and press “contact us”

Hope this helps

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