ANATOLY SPEKTOR is a serial entrepreneur, 6-figure Amazon seller, IT consultant, and the host of 2 podcasts

Anatoly Spektor was born in Eastern Europe, moves to Canada at the age of 21, changes his career to Software Developer, and works in some of the world’s most successful companies.
But that wasn’t enough, so he starts some side hustles: an Agile Consultancy and Amazon business.
In 3 years Anatoly grows Agile Consultancy to 6-figures and in the next 3 years, the same happens with Amazon business.

In his free time, Anatoly runs marathons, does triathlons (Once as a challenge he completes one of the hardest triathlon races in the world Ironman Canada within 6 months of preparation), skis, surfs, and enjoys times with his wife and son.

Anatoly hosts 2 podcasts – “10 Million Journey” where Anatoly documents his journey of scaling an online business from $200k to $10 million, and “The Unusual Jobs Show” where Anatoly interviews people with very unusual Jobs and covers their stories.

  • Let’s start from the beginning, where did you grow up in Europe?
  • So you move to the warmest and expensive city in Canada, and become a software developer? Why Canada and why Software?
  • You completed Ironman Canada? is it always in Penticton?
  • How do you discover Amazon as a seller?
  • How did you decide to become a Digital Nomad?
  • What is your plan to scale your business to $10 million?
  • What are some tools that you
  • Why did you decide to move from being an IT consultant to an entrepreneur? 
  • Why you consider “having fun” as the most important thing in life?


10 Million Journey Podcast



Instagram: @anatolyspektor @10millionjourney @theunusualjobsshow

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