He is an active Amazon Seller and has also coached other Amazon Sellers on how to grow their business. Isaac Kuhlman – Co-founder at Real Coaching

  • Isaac, how did you start your eCommerce journey?
  • Selling since 2013
  • Do you remember the moment you realized it was going to be more than just part-time?
  • Do you mostly Private label?
  • What is the biggest mistake you see new sellers making?
  • Who do you coach? starting sellers, advanced, or both?
  • How is your coaching? Zoom calls, in person, 1vs 1?
  • Since you are a seller, do you have clients who hold back info from you? since you could technically launch the same thing
  • What niches do you recommend and what do you tell them to stay away from?
  • Do you recommend staying away from oversized?
  • Do you know a way to get away from the new sea can rates?
  • Something I’ve been working on is Ad rules, have you tried, and if so any success?

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email: realvipcoach@gmail.com

Company: REAL Coaching

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