Christopher Hamze founder of teelaunch

Today we have a guest who helped Shopify store owners seller over $150M in the last 4 years worth of print on demand products

Christopher Hamze founder of teelaunch

  • How did you get into print on the demand
  • Why would you need print on demand
  • Why should I use Shopify over other eCommerce platforms
  • How successful have your customers been over the years
  • Can you still make money in print on demand
  • I can get more than tees?
  • Who is supplying these
  • what are the costs to use teelaunch
  • who does the shipping?
  • Is the shipping an extra fee
  • How big is your team
  • Top tools you use in your business
  • What tools do you recommend using together
  • Do I need an adobe account to use the template
  • Is it the seller’s responsibility to check copyrights?
  • Is there an industry-standard markup?

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