Dee Deng is the co-founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital – an eCommerce growth & performance marketing agency; managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients across Australia and the USA.

Obsessed over ‘delivering wow’ – Dee leads his agency team of 50+ while sharing his team’s learnings & insights; educating brand owners on how to scale profitably and sustainably.

Most recently, Right Hook has been listed as one of Australia’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2019/2020 by the Australian Financial Review.

Questions for Dee Deng

  • How did you get into marketing
  • Zen mind beginner mind book
  • Team of 50 how hard or easy is it to manage
  • What did you learn from your first failed venture that landed you broke in 2016?
  • What’s it like building & running a 50+ person, international team?
  • Right hook name where did it come from
  • Why should entrepreneurs seek to understand principles over tactics/hacks?
  • How should you scale up your operations without the wheels falling off?
  • What is the eCommerce Revenue Engine and why does it matter?

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