How hard is it to make you quit?

Here is a quick story that will show you how easy it is to stop someone from succeeding.
I was contacted by several people asking for help to start their online businesses.
I decided to help (100% free, I don’t have a course)

In order to decide how bad someone wants to make it, I need to test them and see if I will be wasting my time!
If someone wants to make passive income online but doesn’t want to do any work, or “doesn’t have the time” I immediately jump out, because my time is precious and I will not waste it with the looser mentalities.

Some show the burning desire to achieve passive income, others only show a little bit, and some show me how they will NEVER make it.

While talking to someone who wanted to start an online business with $0 (yes zero is still possible, but not as fast) I mentioned 3 businesses they could start with ZERO dollars and could start immediately.
His answer was unbelievable. His barrier to entry was set has low has the capital he had to start, zero

That was it, he didn’t have a PayPal account setup!

Actually, for 1 of the business models I had in mind, you don’t need Paypal, because they will deposit the money directly into your bank. But I didn’t insist and that was the end of that entrepreneurial career.



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast