A Dropshipping Competition From $0 to $100k

Dropshipping Competition!

This week I received a message from Jason, who had been taking a few online courses, from Russell Brunson.

Jason was ready to start a brand new online business, and I invited him over so we could do some hands-on product research.

After we got talking, ideas started flowing, notes were taken, and some great nuggets were discovered.

We talked about, sales funnels, Landing pages, Facebook ads, product sourcing, Shopify… etc.

Then after 5 hours of great chatting (while having a couple coffees), we decided to create an online competition.

We are going to do a dropshipping competition!

The goals are to see who will reach first $100, then $1000, then $10,000 and $100,000 (one hundred thousand USD)

But, there are rules to follow:

  1. We cant use any existing FB pages, or social media following we already have
  2. All websites, domains, FB pages, etc have to be brand new.
  3. We cant spend more than $15 per day on Ads
  4. Product sale price or cost has no limit
  5. We start with free trials of Shopify + Oberlo

This means that very shortly we will each find a product and open a Shopify store.

We can create sales funnels with free plus shipping offers, upsells downsells etc.

I expect it to be lots of fun, and at the same time make some money with it.

I’ll keep you posted, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast