Lesley Hensell Co-founder of Riverbend Consulting

An Amazon seller turned consultant, Lesley and her team at Riverbend solve critical problems and offer growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms

  • Lesley, how did you get started with eCommerce?
  • When did you realize it was going to work, and you could finally leave the 9-5?
  • How does one become a high-quality seller on Amazon?
  • What’s the best way to deal with the storage limitations?
  • Black hat and dirty tricks are growing like crazy, is there a way to defend ourselves?
  • Platform manipulation, everything we do to increase rank could technically be manipulation
  • Listing quality score – H10 vs reality
  • Holidays are coming up Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, what advice do you have for sellers during these days, or preparing for them.

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