Do you name your open brand products with keywords?
The question is from Jeff, who wants to know if I name my private label brand in the Everything brand, using the top keyword.
First, let me explain what the everything brand is:
It is a brand where I sell a bit of everything. An account where I put the products that I am testing and the products that were not 100% winners.
In the everything brand, I don’t need to add logos or trademarks yet, as everything is in the product validation stage, or in the ” I don’t care about it” stage.
So, to answer Jef’s question, the answer is yes!
I do name my generic products with keywords, and I shove the same keyword on the title and the bullets, to make sure I am found. And then I let the pro pictures and reviews do the selling.

Some products really take off, so they can get a trademark, logo and get branded. These often get new accounts set up

Hope that answers: Do you name your open brand products with keywords




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast