I Hope Your Kids Give You Rocks!

A marketing rock episode, about making your product unique and stand out!

Yes, I do hope your kids give you Rocks, just like mine gave me.

My 4-year-old daughter reminded me today of the importance of making things look special, so they can feel special.

Let me start by telling you about a kids book that I heard my wife reading to my 4-year-old daughter before bed.

It was a beautiful marketing masterpiece!

Yes, it was a marketing book for kids.

The story was about a little girl that wanted to make money to buy a scooter, and she decided to start a lemonade stand in the neighborhood.

Bur, soon she realized that every kid in that neighborhood also had a lemonade stand.

Due to the huge competition, she wasn’t getting many customers, and she had to do something…

So, she decided to make her lemonade stand, stand out! (yes I said stand twice)

She had to make hers unique, and more appealing to customers.

Now, what she did is not important for this marketing episode, whats important is that she did something.


Now let’s talk about the rock!

The marketing rock

The marketing rock

Carlie, my daughter found a rock outside when we went for a walk.

She told me how that was a “special rock”

I didn’t believe her

I would have walked passed that rock or even kicked it out of the sidewalk.

But, after we came home, she drew 2 eyes on it, a nose, eyebrows and the rest all blue.

She proceeded to give me the rock and say: ” Daddy I made this for you”

Now, when I look at the rock (right here on my desk as I type), I feel that it REALLY IS A SPECIAL ROCK!

she made it unique and appealed to my heart.


Tha is what you have to do while creating your product or the product packaging

Just like Apple did with the iPhone

Make it look great, and give it the perception of quality.


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast