Do Friends or Family Copy Your Private Label Products?

Welcome to this Podcast about Private Label products

Today I launched my second book.

In addition, this is a beautiful time to be selling online.

It’s almost the end of 4th quarter and everyone is buying everything they can last minute.

Today’s episode is a sort of a rant.

Family and Friends attempt to copy what I do and copy my products instead of asking for help.

I help people every single day start businesses and how to sell online on Amazon, Shopify and even how to create private label products

Every single person I have trained, I have done so for free!

So, why wouldn’t my family ask for help, or at least ask me some questions?

Every single one of my products that are stacked on a shelf in the house, is part of my loser account.

If you are going to copy, DO NOT copy the loser products!

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Of course, I do not reveal my winning products on the podcast or on the FB groups, but I will certainly let everyone know what products to sell, and what not to sell.

I will even go as far as selecting the products to make sure your first one is a home run

I know if the first product is not a winner, most people will feel disappointed and may even quit

So, I will pick the product for my family and friends (have done it before)

This week a family member, let me know that they were selling a “coffee just like yours”

Well… that is a loser!!!

DO NOT start your private label journey with a food product!

DO NOT create your first private label to compete with, Oil Companies, Gold, Coffee companies, or in the weight loss category!

If you have to do one of the above, do it, but not when you are starting, because you will either get crushed or sent to jail.

Yes, private labelling food products without the required safety, rules and regulations can send you to Jail.

Now, he has almost $5,000 in the garbage and wants to create a yoga mat private label, because he saw on youtube it was a hot item!

Should I stop him from killing more money into a (insert F word here) yoga mat?


Guys and girls, let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart:

If you have limited funds, please do not rush into spending it on the wrong thing

Find someone that knows even a tinny bit more than you about it, and talk talk, talk.

Ask them everything you can think of, and when you think you got all the information from him/her, now find another person that knows just a bit more, and repeat!

DO NOT, try to learn everything by yourself. It is possible and even may be a good experience, but it will waste your money, and lots of your time.


Rant Over

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast