How to live stream products on Amazon, without showing your ugly face.

Amazon Influencer Program is a program where Amazon verifies your social media like Facebook, IG, or Twitter and gives you a verified Amazon profile and the option to build your own Amazon affiliate store.

I’ve been an Amazon influencer in the UK for a couple of years although I never used it or even logged in, but I also got the Amazon influencer store in the US in 2019 and have a VA building it up.

I’m short the influencer is an affiliate that has a following and anyone who visits their store will get “cookied or Pixeled (for lack of a better word), then if they buy a product after this, the influencer receives a commission that could be 4% or 6% depending on your earnings and the product category

The beauty of this is that some influencers have access to amazon blog posts called “Editorial Recommendations” this is a feature called “Onsite Associates Program”.

When an influencer has access to that, they can write something like:
The top 4 best collagen powders under $30 – and fill it with their top 4 recommendation.
If you go to Amazon. com on a laptop and type collagen, you will find one of these posts on the first page.

So technically any product entered into an Editorial recommendation list, will jump to the first page.
Another thing Amazon Influencers can do is create the #FoungItOnAmazon hashtag.
This hashtag is visible on the Amazon buyer menu and will direct anyone who clicks it, to the influencers choices in fashion and home decor
So if you are in one of those niches, get yourself in there.

But to get to the live video as this is what this episode is about…
Go through the Amazon influencer list and find people who have been creating videos of similar products.
Make sure this influencer is not the face of a competitor brand.
to do so all you have to do is look at the previous videos and see if they mention more than one brand in the same category.

Contact those influencers and ask if they want to make a video of your product. In order to get a high reply rate back make sure to ask how much they would want.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast