Importing your private label product directly to Amazon

I’m in Toronto and get confused as How to Import Directly to Since I’m Not in The US.

Also, get confused with all the keyword stuff. How to rank keywords etc

This is a question from Mars Bars.

We chatted a bit on messenger and Mars, is actually Portuguese like me.

It’s always super exciting for me to talk to other Portuguese who are selling online or wish to start.

Let’s start with the international shipping.

This is actually super simple, all you have to do is outsource to s freight forwarder.

One of the weel know freight forwarders that are already used to Amazon FBA is  Flexport

As for the keywords, I recommend taking them from the biggest competitors and then filtering them using tools like, to find some keywords that your competitors have missed.

Then make sure to put them in the important places to rank.

Number 1 is the title, the 5 bullet points, the description and the backend

In the backend I use it to put keywords I don’t want to be visible, like Spanish keywords.

You can also use tools like Sonar to find the most searched for keywords related to products like yours.

*There is a lot more in the podcast but unfortunately I won’t be able to write it all today as I have to wake up in a couple hours to drive for 5 hours

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast