Jonathan Proulx has been able to master the game of selling brand name products on amazon and is now teaching others to do exactly what he did.
John didn’t start out this as a successful entrepreneur, for years before that he worked in the oil and gas industry with long hours away from loves ones and friends.
After working for a year under someone else’s rules he decided to go all in.

  • Where in the Oil and Gas did you work?
  • Now you sell on Amazon, and it’s mostly Wholesale, how did it start?
  • When did you realize it was going to work
  • In the oil sands, 90% of people make over 6 figures, so it is a scary feeling to let go
    To make $200 online I need to sell 1 million
  • What is amz soldier course?
  • Canada prep and ship
  • Prior notice with easy FDA

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast