Vitalii Khyzniak the Chief Growth Officer at Profit Whales – Tech-Enabled Amazon Advertising Agency.
I’m obsessed with increasing profits for 7-9 figure Brands selling on Amazon beyond their expectations with the help of intelligent Amazon Advertising Technology that they developed at Profit Whales.

  • Tell a bit about you
  • What exactly is profit whales and what do you do
  • Why you should keep investing in PPC?
  • How to succeed with a limited budget?
  • How to get a bestseller badge on Amazon with the help of Advertising?
  • How to defend the bestseller badge?
  • What are the common PPC mistakes to avoid?
  • analyzing images to see low conversion
  • How to launch on Amazon with PPC
  • What is your favorite KW to start High volume, high relevancy
  • Do you use broad phrase and exact in the same ad?
  • Amazon ACoS: Is It a Key to Your Amazon Ads Performance

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