I found that the sound on a previous episode had been edited to remove all the white space( the time where I don’t speak)

So the episode ( or maybe more than 1) sounded a bit robotic, almost as if I would not need to breathe.

I apologize for that and have changed everything.

Today’s episode is 100% pure and not edited, so have a listen.

I also bring up this weeks change in the Facebook ads platform.

The power editor and the ads manager both merge into 1 and becomes “ads manager”

You can still chose the more automatic option for new advertisers and the, more manual approach to build a shell campaign, and later the ad set and the ads.

Go to Facebook.com and have a look at the new ads manager

The 2 options are called quick creation and guided creation




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast