Sam’s customers convert better on desktop computer compared to the smartphone.

Quin thinks this could be only during certain times of the day.

He would like to know what platform Sam is selling in

He knows it is not on Amazon, due to them not giving access to all customer stats.

With that being said, Quin has seen it be the opposite in most situations.

He believes people are so attached to their smartphones these days, that it’s becoming more and more easy, to get someone to convert, when they are on the phone

In your situation, there could be a few things that make it happen that way.

1 – could be that the site where your customer is landing , isnt optimized for smart phones

2 – Could be the time of day. Most people browse the internet while at work, and there are things that you need to talk to your partner (wife/husband) before buying

3- Checkout process could be long for those without a wifi connection. Always make sure to run thrown your own checkout, to see what it looks and feels like.

Conversion Rate

conversion rate

If your customers convert better on the desktop than on the smartphone, maybe it could also be because of who your target audience is

Meaning if you are targeting mostly webmasters, admin people or older generations

They tend to spend more time on a computer or a laptop anyway.

You didn’t mention if the fact that they Convert Better On Desktop was good or bad for you.

If you have a minute, get back to us and let us know what the conversion rate is.

Quin has a feeling it could be because of the target audience, and your smartphone conversion rate could be normal, but the desktop conversion is above the average.

This is actually something super exciting to figure out if we have all the information

Please make sure to get back to us with the remainder of the stats so we can help you out

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