Amazon FBA Private Label
Get your FBA questions answered by Quin on the podcast. Ask anything, from selling on Shopify, Amazon FBA, woocommerce and any other platform.
How to create private label products
Quin breaks down how to create private label products and businesses. Listen to the podcast and learn how Quin launches private label products on Amazon FBA
How to sell online, and where to sell
Using some of the top online platforms, like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart,, eBay and Shopify.
Sales funnels
Learn how to create sales funnels using Click Funnels and get traffic using targeted Facebook ads, while creating your email lists

Losing an account and Password safety with LastPass

wrong order color

How I lost my Wish account to someone in Bangladesh, and now someone has all my info and credit card. Also listen to how I don’t even know my passwords anymore, and now every single one is created and managed by LastPass

Quin Installed the FREE Ubuntu Operating System

For the first time this week Quin heard about the open-source Linux operating system, UBUNTU. It took nothing more than 5 minutes for Quin to replace a Windows 7 computer with the Ubuntu Operating System, and Quin fell in love with it!

More Amazon FBA Black Hat #316

7 Mistakes of Amazon FBA Sellers

Quin Amorim is back with more news about Amazon FBA black hat happening. Is Amazon going to clean up in 2020 or will they still allow these Chinese black hat techniques?

AI powered Pillow with Richard Jacobs

In October 2016 Richard Jacobs started The Future Tech Podcast and has now interviewed over 1800+ companies in artificial intelligence, stem cells, 3D printing, gene editing, bitcoin, blockchain, the microbiome, quantum computing, virtual reality and space exploration and more.Richard also has 10 years…

Nick Covey is the founder and CEO of Creture Apparel

How to get extra product sales online

Nick Covey is the founder and CEO of Creture Apparel.A clothing brand dedicated to helping others find and pursue their authentic calling. Through the accumulation of reading over 200 books, being a former professional football kicker, and starting multiple companies throughout college. Nick…