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Piggyback On A Best Seller | E.p #130

According to Amazon, one-fifth of product sales come from the frequently bought together, so today I will teach you how to change the products that show up for the best seller. Find the best selling product that is in the same category as yours, but…

How To Sell On Amazon FBA (Part #3) E.p. #124

e-commerce dropshipping

Part 3 of sourcing products, with Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, private label and creating listings to sell on Amazon Fba. Just to recap, I started by explaining in part 1, the differences between Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private label or simply by selling used or unwanted items you have…

How To Reach 7 Figures Selling On Amazon #108

banknotes-bills-cash-million- bucks-dollars

Is it possible to reach 1 Million dollars in sales the first year selling on Amazon FBA? Today we have a question from Miguel about selling on Amazon “Hey, Quin Thanks for all the free content on the podcast. I have a question about…

How free items really hurt my Amazon Business | Ep# 58

Quin Amorim Selling Online

Amazon Business Trying to help my Amazon Business, didn’t help at all After my sea cans got super delayed, I thought all the bad news was gone, but unfortunately, there was more to come. One of my vendors tried to help me, by…

Why are Amazon seller fees so high? | Ep. #26

Q and A Podcast

Why are Amazon seller fees so high? A couple sellers were asking the reason for Amazon seller fees being so high. Amazon has several types of fees, the 2 most talked about are the pick and pack fee and the 15% commission ( that…

How do I launch a product on Amazon | Ep. #18

Q and A Podcast

How do I launch a product on Amazon? Pedro wants to know how to launch a product on Amazon since he launched is private label product and didn’t get any sales. Launching a product on Amazon, or Shopify or any other online platform is…

What do I do with my broken products I sell on Amazon | Ep. #14

Q and A Podcast

What do I do with my broken products I sell on Amazon? Question from Justin: What do I do with my broken products I sell on Amazon? This question can have a couple answers, depending on what the question really means. If you mean…

How can my competitors sell private label so low? | Ep. #11

Q and A Podcast

How can my competitors sell their private label product on Amazon for so low? welcome everybody to Q&A selling online Today I have a question from Andy, Andy has a question here that says I picked a best-seller product, I sourced it and…

20 Years Selling Online – Who Is Quin Amorim | EP#1

Q and A Podcast

Selling online since 1997, Quin Amorim lets us know who he is and how he achieved his online success. Born in Ontario, moved to Europe at the age of 5 (Portugal) and lived there for the next 25 years. Then, in 2006 after…