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Monthly Archives: December 2017

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How Do You Know If You Have The Right Partnership | Ep. #72

Quin Amorim Selling Online

Do you have a partnership? How Do You Know If You Have The Right Partnership? Partnership talk on one of the last episodes of 2017. I know I shouldn’t tell the date on a podcast because people can listen to this 2 or 3 years…

How Do You Sleep At Night With Twin Babies? | Ep #71

I had twin babies 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t slept yet. Can you give me tips on this? Twin babies! That’s what Speedy Rabit just had Today’s question is not about selling online, it’s not about marketing or even FB ads. It’s about babies, and how…

If You Have a WordPress Blog You Are At Risk | #70

Selling Online Quin Amorim

Someone is probably trying to hack your WordPress Blog right now! Your WordPress Blog Is Being Hacked Right Now This is actually not even an exaggeration, test it out. I recently installed a plugin that I wanted, so I could block a few IPs…

I Hope Your Kids Give You Rocks | Episode #69

Selling Online Quin Amorim

I Hope Your Kids Give You Rocks! A marketing rock episode, about making your product unique and stand out! Yes, I do hope your kids give you Rocks, just like mine gave me. My 4-year-old daughter reminded me today of the importance of making…

Do Friends or Family Copy Your Private Label Products? 68

Quin Amorim Selling Online

Do Friends or Family Copy Your Private Label Products? Welcome to this Podcast about Private Label products Today I launched my second book. In addition, this is a beautiful time to be selling online. It’s almost the end of 4th quarter and everyone is buying…

Why Do People Convert Better On Desktop Than Mobile | Ep. #67

Quin Amorim Selling Online

Sam’s customers convert better on desktop computer compared to the smartphone. Quin thinks this could be only during certain times of the day. He would like to know what platform Sam is selling in He knows it is not on Amazon, due to…

Labeling a Food Product – Vegan Burger | Ep. #66

Quin Amorim Selling Online

A quick breakdown of a cardboard box for packaging Vegan burgers. Today I talk about the Vegan Burger packed made by Beyond the Meat. The episode’s show notes are a bit short today but we have a couple nice pictures 🙂 Vegan Burger

The importance of packaging in private label brands | Ep. #65

Quin Amorim Selling Online

The Importance of Packaging in Private Label Brands Private Label the beautiful love of mine. I honestly really enjoy building private label products and PL brands. It is probably the single biggest hobby of mine. Yes, I consider it a hobby and not work,…