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Amazon FBA, Can My Friends or Family Buy My Products | Ep. #106

Quin money amazon

I often see people asking if their co-worker, mother sister or their dog can buy their Private label product on Amazon FBA… Of  course, they can buy your product on Amazon FBA Everyone can, and should buy your product! Someone mentioned on a…

what should I do to supplement my degree to be successful in marketing field


Marketing I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, but I am unsure of what I should be doing to supplement my degree in order to be successful in the marketing field. My school offers co-operative programs to gain experience, but…

Paid Search Ads and Analytics to Consulting and Marketing Strategy

business-marketing strategy

Kreig’s message to you I’d like advice for careers and knowledge within the digital marketing field. This would revolve around paid search advertising and analytics, with a potential pivot into consulting and marketing strategy. What steps do you think are necessary to “be…

Should I Subscribe To Paid Tools For Amazon FBA | Ep. #103

Amazon seller tools

Paid Tools For Amazon FBA Rose is currently in the product selection phase of her private label business, to sell on Amazon FBA and she is asking about subscribing to Paid Tools For Amazon FBA “First, tons of thanks for your podcasts which I stumbled upon a couple of months ago and which I’ve binged on like my life depended on it! You have lots of useful info and to think that you are dishing it out for free –thank you!! Now to my question – I’ve been researching on Amazon selling – FBA and have developed a list of products that I am interested in. At this point, it is a laundry list from which I’ll narrow on one to start with. (I took your advice about starting with a single product and get my baptism by…

Is MailChimp A Good Option For Email Campaigns? | Ep. #101

amazon 1 email

MailChimp email campaigns Do you recommend using MailChimp for a customer email list and for sending out email campaigns? First of all, sorry for the delay in replying. Someone send a couple thousand spam emails and I had to go through all, to make sure I didn’t lose Non-spam emails 🙂 As for the question, Yes, Mailchimp may the best option for anyone who doesn’t have a…

Real Estate VS REALTOR®Are You Committing A Crime?

Real estate crime

REALTOR®  is not what you thought it was! Learn how the person selling Real estate is not always a REALTOR® and why Real Estate and some Registered/ Trademarked terms, the whole story: Hey everyone, I have a great story to tell you today. This story…

How To Make A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired | Ep. #99

Selling Online Quin Amorim

How to Make A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired | Ep. #99 How To Make A Cover Letter A question that can in from the LinkedIn Carrer advice hub Hi Alyssa, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice…

Where Do I Learn Social Media Management and Content Creation | Ep. #98

online mentor

A question from the Linkedin career advice coach. “Where Do I Learn Social Media Management and Content Creation” The question came from Oyindamola “I want to work in social media management, marketing, and content creation, what would be your advice in terms of education?”…

Are You Judgemental Of People’s Websites, Landing Pages and Domains | Ep. #97

quin amorim

Today I want to ask you something, about how you see other online entrepreneurs’ businesses Are You Judgemental Of People’s Websites, Landing Pages and Domains? Please leave a comment with your answer, or contact me using this blob’s contact form. I can share your…

Why Social Media Marketing Agency SMMA Only Targeting Dentists, Realtors and Chyro | Ep. #96

The Prolific Zone Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing agencies are all learning from the same books the same courses and the same Gurus. Why are Social Media Marketing Agencies SMMA Only Targeting Dentists, Realtors, and Chyro? Lead generation for dentists Lead gen for real estate agents Lead generation for chiropractic clinics…

How Can I Avoid Amazon FBA Long Term Storage Fees | Ep. #95

Amazon FBA Long Term Storage

Jimmy is an Amazon FBA seller who got hit hard with Amazon’s FBA Long term storage fees How Can I Avoid Amazon FBA Long Term Storage Fees? To avoid the LTSF there are a couple ways to go about it. One of the ways may…

How Should I Structure My Resume For A Marketing Job | Ep. #94

Quin Amorim selling online banner

A message from Emily who is looking for an internship in a marketing job preferably in a tech company. How Should I Structure My Resume For A MArketing Job | Ep. #94 Hi Emily, Excited to be connected with you on the Career…

Becoming A LinkedIn Career Coach 93

linkedin coach Quin

Becoming A LinkedIn Career Coach Excited to be connected with you on the LinkedIn Career Advice product. The story of how I joined Linkedin helping people by coaching them in business. Recently I received a note from Linkedin… No, not one of the…

How To Sell 3 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes | Ep. #92

How Russell Brunson sold $3 Million dollars from stage at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Con 2 Get your 14 day FREE click Funnels here:

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